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In 1948, a small frozen lemonade stand opened for the first time in Cranston, Rhode Island.  Little did anyone know, this concept would grow to be a sensation, not only in the New England area, but nationally as well.  This company is owned by the DeLucia family, and its success is no coincidence.  The DeLucias have been making frozen lemonade since the mid 1800s.  Back in 1840, great grandfather DeLucia would insulate and store snow in caves.  When the summer months came, he would mix this snow with lemons and other ingredients, to make a delicious, refreshing treat.  He would then serve it at the local market in Naples, Italy.

            Over the years, the business concept has been passed down from one generation to another.  Franco DeLucia brought the recipe over to America.  His son, Angelo, designed the first mobile units and perfected the family recipe.  This gave Del’s a consistent, quality product.  Bruce, Anglo’s son, took the company from five stores, to an enterprise that expands throughout 20 different states.

Everyday, fresh juice is squeezed and mixed according to Angelo’s family formula.  Through innovation and product design, Del’s has expanded its frozen drink offering to 11 popular flavors.  Del’s also offers an assortment of food items such as pretzels, nachos, and dip.  Powder mixes are available for franchises that are located farther away. 

SaniServ is one of the choice vendors for Del’s.  SaniServ machines are designed to produce some of the finest ice crystals in the industry.  This eliminates the icy and gritty texture found in many of our competitor’s units.  Unlike the competition, SaniServ machines will always deliver you a smooth and creamy product.  Quality components, simple design, rugged construction, and state of the art control systems are what put SaniServ at the forefront of the frozen dessert industry. 

SaniServ is proud to be a strategic partner of Del’s lemonade.  Our Distributor in, New England, is offering a unique program. If you purchase a SaniServ machine, you will receive enough free Del’s product to cover the initial cost of the machine.  If interested, please call (508)328-4798 and speak with Bob Standley.  SaniServ, your best bet for everything under the cherry, in the frosted glass, and above the cone since 1929.

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